The Corporate Editions Team

Robert Assaf

Managing Director,
Translator / Interpreter

Robert is a former Maître de Conférences at ENA (American Language and Civilization). He is a former member of the translation unit of the Conseil Constitutionnel (French Supreme Court). In 1981, Robert was a founding member of AIDEA, a translation team composed of ENA professors and ranking civil servants which later became Corporate Editions.

Justin Scherer

Senior Translator / Interpreter
into English

Justin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in French and European Studies from the American University of Paris and a Master’s Degree in Social and Economic Sciences from l’Institut Catholique de Paris. As a freelance translator and interpreter before joining Corporate Editions, he carried out financial, political and oenological translations for a variety of international companies. He has also published a number of articles on the American political system in the French press.

Erica Beavers

Senior Translator / into English

Erica Beavers graduated in economics from the University of Pennsylvania before coming to work at Corporate Editions Paris in 2008 as a junior translator. She has since earned a Master’s degree in economic law at Sciences Po.

Erica is now a senior translator for financial and legal documents, as well of Head of Communications at Corporate Editions.

Tom Judge

Senior Translator / into English

Tom Judge earned his BA at UC Berkeley. After graduation he was editor of quarterly publications for the University of California Press. He has since been head of communications for AIG Europe then General Secretary for the European division in charge of life insurance and financial products for 15 countries. He was also formerly a member of the international PR agency Bood & Partners.

As a translator and copywriter, Tom is specialized in aviation, finance, tourism, and telecommunications and has collaborated with Corporate Editions for key accounts for over 10 years.

Jennifer Cohen

Translation / Adaptation into English

Jennifer holds a degree in French and American History and Literature from Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachussetts). She is the former head of communications for the Lycée Français de New York and has written copy for Google and History Channel.

Bob Desiatnik

Translation/ Legal interpretation in English

Bob is a graduate of France's ENA (Promotion "Condorcet") and holds a Masters in literature from the University of Sydney. As a senior official in the Federal Court of Australia he was responsible for various legal missions (negotiating treaties, drafting or translating reports, interpreting at ministerial conferences, etc.). Bob translates legal documents (contracts, court decisions, commercial leases, extradition orders, etc.) and interprets in courts and at international legal conferences.

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