• Paris Europlace

    Carole d'Armaillé, Communications & Project Groups

    Paris EUROPLACE, the association responsible for promoting the Parisian financial market, has collaborated with Corporate Editions for many years. We appreciate their responsiveness in translating speeches and press releases in record time while providing extremely high quality work.”

  • France Télévisions

    Marie-Jo Fouillaud, Communications Director

    For many years we have regularly called on Corporate Editions to translate documents from French into English, especially for our recurring, larger files. Not only is the quality of the translations always impeccable, but we always particularly like Corporate Editions' responsiveness. They always respect deadlines, even when it's nearly impossible. The team's professionalism and kindness explain our loyalty.”

  • IPSE Institute for European Social Protection

    Julie Rouan, Head of Projects and Studies

    What I especially like about working with you is your proven responsiveness and flexibility with respect to your translations and the personalized and innovative responses you bring to our requests (I am thinking of the interpreter without a booth at the seminar in Stockholm). This proves that you are real people. We feel as though we are working with a true partner, who is consistent, available, and professional.”

  • Princeton University
    Language Project

    Alya Forster, Senior

    I'm writing to express my gratitude to the three of you for providing me with such a uniquely fulfilling experience at Corporate Editions. When thinking back on my time with you this past summer, I find that the distinguishing characteristic that attracts your clients is, indeed, what attracts your employees as well; that is to say, the personal quality of your company.

    It is not often that one finds such genuinely welcoming employers and/or colleagues who are willing to put in the time and energy to train a newcomer, and a short term intern at that. Your availability to patiently answer all of my question, and your thoughtful feedback on my work were very helpful.”

  • Faiveley Transport

    Kasha Dougall, Communications Manager

    Corporate Editions are reactive, professional and extremely reliable. They have never missed a deadline and are incredibly sensitive to the nature of our business; they bring added value by re-writing much of the texts instead of simply translating literally. Corporate Editions really listen to the needs of their clients and are always prepared to 'put in the extra effort' in order to find the exact phrase or word to ensure a perfect text.”

  • THAG Graphic and Promotional Communications

    Amélie Desplanques-Meura, Communications Consultant

    The translation is remarkable. It was undoubtedly done by an American, who even converted grams into ounces for the US market. Truly excellent work.”

  • Ecole Nationale d'Administration - European Affairs Division

    Véronique Charléty, "European Governance" Department Head

    I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with you. The excellent quality of the translations always met our expectations.”