Corporate Editions translates and adapts in all European languages + Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese.

Financial Disclosures

Annual and interim reporting, press releases, prospectuses, offering memoranda, accounts, financial analyses, etc.

Institutional and Corporate

Brochures, newsletters, website localization, etc.


Contracts, corporate bylaws, depositions, memoranda of understanding, terms and conditions of sale, etc.

Commercial + PR

Advertising, brochures, press packs, product launches, information notices, slogans, etc.

Our areas of expertise

Legal & Financial

Investor Relations

Luxury Brand Marketing

Leisure and Tourism

Real Estate

Veterinary Medicine

Retail & Commercial


You must ensure that everyone in your company is "speaking the same language." As we translate your documents we build up glossaries, providing standardized multi-language nomenclature. This is essential for the savors of fine wine, the fragrances of luxury perfumes or the line items in financial accounts.